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Written By
Cindy Myers
Date Created
Fri, 23rd Mar 2018
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Cindy Myers
Date Modified
Fri, 29th Jun 2018

   VIN License Replacement Policy


My controller is unresponsive, can I obtain a replacement VIN license?


EFILive VIN License Replacement Policy

There are a variety of reasons why a controller stops communicating with EFILive.  In many cases the controller will be recoverable by full-flashing a stock tune or by isolating problematic aftermarket equipment on the vehicle.  Recovery information can be found in the Controller Recovery help file.  In some circumstances the controller will not be recoverable, in these instances customers may request a replacement VIN license or controller repair/assessment from EFILive.

AutoCal customers are advised that their tuner is their first line of support; EFILive will manage AutoCal customer requests ONLY if all information is provided as per the policy below.  Requests with incomplete information will see customers referred to their tuner.

Replacement VIN licenses are an outcome of an EFILive Support investigation.  Requests for Replacement VIN Licenses should be made through EFILive Support channels, and not the EFILive Sales Team.  Replacement VIN licenses are issued at the sole discretion of the EFILive Support team based on the following criteria:

VIN licenses may be replaced under the following circumstances:

  1. Failure during a reflash using EFILive and the controller cannot be recovered.  Customers must;
    1. Attempt to recover the controller using the Controller Recovery help document.
    2. If the controller can still not be recovered, you will be asked to provide:
      1. Error code details from the failed controller recovery flash.
      2. A copy of the tune file flashed into the controller that made the controller unresponsive.  NOTE: If you did not write the tune file; you must obtain permission from the tuner to submit the tune file to EFILive.
      3. A copy of the trace file from the failed flash.
      Support requests will ONLY be actioned when all information is provided.
    3. Once EFILive support has reviewed your support request, a decision will be made on VIN license replacement, or ECM repair.
    4. If your support request is successful, you will need to submit your sales invoice showing the replacement controller purchase prior to a replacement VIN license being issued.
  2. The ECM / TCM has been replaced due to an electrical failure rendering the controller unusable.
    For controller electrical failures, a copy of the sales invoice showing the price and reason for replacement.  If no reason for replacement is provided on the dealer paperwork EFILive will not provide a replacement VIN License.

EFILive will NOT replace a VIN license under the following circumstances:

  1. Misdiagnosis of a faulty controller.  Where the customer purchases and installs a replacement controller, but the original controller is recovered during the EFILive support investigation.
  2. Where the controller is replaced by a dealer / workshop in the hope of fixing an issue not related to tuning.
  3. Controller is locked by a Tuner.  Customers should have the controller unlocked where possible.
  4. Controller is unresponsive due to parameters edited outside EFILive.  (Typical symptoms are the flash completed ok but the controller becomes non responsive).
  5. Flash failure using any other product (eg, factory tools, other tuning product).
  6. Where the customer purchases and installs a replacement controller and does not proceed with the EFILive support investigation.
  7. Where a complementary VIN license has already been issued for the vehicle in question.

Controller Repair/Assessment

In a variety of situations controllers that cannot be recovered using EFILive software can be repaired and recovered using specialist workshop tools at a fraction of the replacement controller cost.  Some specialist repair companies offer short turn around services or core exchange where possible to minimize vehicle down time.

The EFILive Support Team will discuss controller repair/assessment options where available.

How to Get Started

  1. Trouble shoot your issue by using the Problems Flashing your Controller knowledgebase article.
  2. Attempt to recover your controller using the Controller Recovery knowledgebase article.
  3. Log a request for support using the EFILive Help Desk or by emailing support@efilive,com.