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Written By
Cindy Myers
Date Created
Tue, 16th Jun 2020
Updated By
Cindy Myers
Date Modified
Tue, 30th Jun 2020



I am having problems establishing a USB connection between FlashScan/AutoCal V3 device and my PC.  What should I do?


FlashScan/AutoCal V3 devices appear as a Windows USB drive in Windows Explorer.  There are no external drivers to install.  There are a number of potential reasons why FlashScan/AutoCal V3 will not connect via USB.

  1. Ensure you are using the heavy gauge EFILive USB cable that shipping with your device.
  2. Ensure you have downloaded and installed the latest version of EFILive's V8 software, available here.
  3. With FlashScan/AutoCal V3 connected to your PC, open V8 Scan and Tune software and select the [Check Firmware] option.  Install any pending updates.
  4. On FlashScan/AutoCal V3 navigate to Options -> F1: Setup -> F3: Update Boot Block and install any pending boot block updates.
  5. For some computers running Windows 7 it may be necessary to install WINSUB drivers.  Please refer to the WINUSB Drivers for FlashScan/AutoCal V3 on Windows 7 knowledgebase article.