EFILive is currently in a transition phase with our V8 software replacing the original V7 software which was first implemented over 15 years ago.

All new controller support requires EFILive V8 software for read and flashing functionality. The EFILive V8 Scan Tool is now fully functional.  All customers are encouraged to take advantage of the features and improvements EFILive V8 delivers, including enhanced tune file security options as well as standalone features: BBL (Black Box Logging), BBR (Black Box Reading) and BBF (Black Box Flashing) collectively known as BBX. 

Customers will see measurable benefits when using EFILive V8 software, read and flash times have been reduced by up to 50%, while tune file sizes have been reduced by an average of 80%. EFILive V8 can re-plot data logs at amazing speeds - up to 50 times faster than V7.5. Customers can log both engine and transmission parameters concurrently and log files can be cropped.

Future releases for EFILive V8 will include new and improved Tune-Tool software. The Scan and Tune tools will be integrated, so no need to disconnect the scanner when it comes time to reflash the vehicle, and our clean-sheet software design takes full advantage of 2D and 3D hardware accelerated graphics chip sets. Until these features are released, customers should continue to use V7.5 software for pass-through logging and tune file editing.

Even if you don't intend to use the enhanced features our V8 software delivers, customers must still download and install EFILive V8 because it contains the FlashScan and AutoCal firmware updates.  Those firmware updates are required even if you are using the V7.5 software exclusively.  V8 software also manages license purchases for FlashScan and AutoCal customers.