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Written By
Andrew Jensen
Date Created
Fri, 18th Mar 2011
Updated By
Cindy Myers
Date Modified
Tue, 29th Jul 2014

   AutoCal Support


I need help with my AutoCal device, who do I contact?


The EFILive AutoCal device is used by Suppliers to support their products and services by delivering tuning services to their End-Users.  As EFILive has no part in the Suppliers products or services, support for AutoCal is provided directly by the Supplier.

AutoCal can be configured in a variety of different ways.  AutoCal is specifically configured by the Supplier based on the End-User requirement.  If someone other than the Supplier was to provide AutoCal support to the End-User the configuration of AutoCal may change, causing an issue which would need to be resolved between the Supplier and the End-User.  There may be costs to the End-User resulting from any misconfiguration by a party other than the Supplier.

The EFILive AutoCal Info for End Users document provides details on programming and functionaity of the AutoCal device, which may be useful in conjunction with Supplier specific instructions. 


  • Supplier(s): The product or service supplier that has used AutoCal to deliver tuning capability.
  • End-User(s): The final customer that is using the AutoCal device to tune their vehicle with calibrations from the Supplier.