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Written By
Cindy Myers
Date Created
Mon, 3rd Jun 2019
Updated By
Cindy Myers
Date Modified
Thu, 8th Aug 2019

   VIN License Order Validation


How do I ensure my EFILive VIN License Order is correctly placed?


  1. You must be running EFILive V8.2.24 software or later to generate valid auth-codes.
  2. Enter your FlashScan/AutoCal serial number (including any leading zeros) and the correct authentication code. (How?)

  1. Select [Check Serial & Code] button to validate your serial/auth-code.   Only valid serial/auth codes will be given the option to add products to the cart and proceed to check-out.

  1. Where the serial and auth codes is invalid, customers will be presented with an error message detailing the nature of the issue.  The issue will need to be corrected for the order to proceed to check-out, effectively eliminating orders that fail automated processing.  Error messages are:
    1. Error $1000: This device has not been found in our system. The serial number entered is incorrect.
      • The serial number contains 12 digits, please include leading zeros.
    2. Error $1001: The supplied Auth Code has been generated with obsolete software. Please upgrade your software and device firmware, then generate a new Auth Code.
    3. Error $1002: The device has exceptions, please contact EFILive.
    4. Error $1003: The supplied Auth Code is not correct for this device. Please contact EFILive.
    5. Error $1004: The supplied Auth Code is not correct for this device. Please generate a new Auth Code and retry.
    6. Error $1006: This device is not licensed for tuning functionality.
    7. Error $1007: The Serial Number indicated by the Auth Code does not match the device Serial Number provided for this order.
    8. Error $1008: XXX license(s) cannot be added to this device as it exceeds the maximum of YYY VIN licenses. The number of licenses being purchased is more than the device supports.  
      • FlashScan can hold up to 221 VIN Licenses.
      • AutoCal can hold up to 221 VIN Licenses, however users should check their tuner imposed limits.  The VIN License Slot Count (default value of 1) must be able to support the activation of an additional VIN License.  You MUST contact your tuner to get your VIN License Slot Count increased BEFORE ordering a VIN License. (How?)
    9. Error $1009: This product is not compatible with your device. Please select the correct product.
      • FlashScan and AutoCal VIN licenses cannot be ordered on FlashScan HD or AutoCal HD VIN license products.
      • FlashScan HD and AutoCal HD VIN licenses cannot be ordered on FlashScan V2 or AutoCal VIN license products.